Listen to our songs – Voices from the Ruins

Our hugely successful Voices from the Ruins songwriting workshop, facilitated by Bethany Elen Coyle, resulted in participants uncovering previously hidden talents and producing truly moving songs. Most dealt with the sorrows and challenges of war, but one, “Masterclass”, considers the power of educational opportunities, whatever the circumstances.  We were also lucky to be able to link with some brilliant spoken word pieces created by participants in WHIST‘s (Women’s Health in South Tyneside) HLF-funded project to research the impact of WWI on South Tyneside Women’s Lives (this recording was used as the soundtrack to WHIST’s exhibition of WWI research and creative work).

We recorded these pieces at Washington Arts Centre‘s community recording studio and they’re now available here via the following links:

Vocals: Bethany Elen Coyle; Maria Hawthorne, Jude Murphy; Regina Blachford; Elaine Pope; Michael Kennedy; Garry Marshall; Marjory Winnie; and the WHIST group

Guitar: Bethany Elen Coyle; Michael Kennedy; Maria Hawthorne

Flute/Piano/Bass Guitar: Jude Murphy

Additionally, the following links take you to some live recordings:


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